Protein Information
Uniprot Entry Q9Z340 Entry name PARD3_RAT Gene name Pard3 Par3
Length 1337 Status reviewed Organism Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
PhaSePred Scores
PS-Self score (Proteins that can self-assemble to form condensates) 0.959 0.993 / /
PS-Part score (Proteins whose phase separation behaviors are regulated by protein or nucleic acid partner components) 0.821 0.992 / /
* The 8-feature model incorporates Hydropathy, FCR, IDR, LCR, PScore, PLAAC, catGRANULE, and DeepCoil.
The 10-feature model incorporates the 8 features described above plus Phos frequency and DeepPhase. This model is only available for human proteins.
Related Scores and ranks in proteome
catGRANULE PLAAC Pscore ESpritz (DisProt) Hydropathy SEG Charged residue Phos frequency DeepPhase DeepCoil
Score 1.566 0.097 2.390 0.280 0.398 0.165 0.295 0.000 / 0.000
Rank 0.981 0.968 0.855 0.876 0.060 0.846 0.878 / / /
* The ranking of feature values was evaluated in the proteome of the corresponding species. 1-ranking was shown for each feature value (The highest Rank score is 1 and the lowest Rank score is 0).
For details about parameters of feature calculation, see the About page.
Rank of the protein in the corresponding species Immunofluorescence image
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Collected version: 18.1.

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